Investors are not often sold as much impact as they want.

Sep 01 2021 · 1 minute read

Are you comfortable funding activities you’ve seen accelerate the climate emergency, and exacerbate the effects of a pandemic? One response we can take to invest in solutions instead, is impact investing. Investors however are faced with an ever increasing number of investment options claiming to be ethical, responsible and sustainable.

We are calling for investors to continue to demand to see under the bonnet of these options, and for their advisors to rise to the challenge of managing impact for their clients. One of the ways we have done this is by collaborating with The Impact Management Project on impact measurement. You can read more about our approach to understanding the impact of the fund managers in our report on this topic, Managing for Impact.

Quote from Snowball Investment Director
Quote from Snowball Investment Director reads “Our goal is to push fund managers to improve their approach to impact returns — to bring them on a par with their focus on financial returns. One does not preclude the other.

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Abigail Rotheroe, Investment director, Snowball
Abigail Rotheroe, Investment director, Snowball